Educational Videos

Mummies and Daddies,

Here are some Youtube video clips for your little ones to enjoy.



Happy Viewing,

Miss Foster



The Reading Rocket



Our reading has taken off. The children are enthusiastic when it comes to their Reading lessons. Each day they are learning the magical power of words.

So where are we with our reading?

This week we have met three new words:

1. Look

2. at      (learnt this when they did the “at” family last week)

3. tree

We have also met the “an” family this week, so words such as ban, can, Dan, fan, man, pan, ran, tan and van are now a part of their vocabulary.  Not only have we met these words, we have  discussed their meanings and also looked at how they can be incorporated into our reading by using them in sentences alongside the words we already know from the basal reader.

So now we are reading sentences such as these:

Look at Dan.

I see a big tree.

Look at the little tree.

Can you see the bird?

The boy and the girl look at the tree.

The boy and the man pat the cat.

Dan and Pat look at the rat.

A fat cat sat on the little mat.

My, my, my!  Do you see how much they are learning?

Their ability to recognize and state the words quickly (word attack skills) is also improving.

So parents you can add these new words to your Bristol board and make those nice flash cards that I am sure you have started already.  Don’t forget to make your sentence strips as well.

Also preparing my flashcards and sentences strips,

Miss Foster

Needed: One Drawing Book




Hi Parents,

I am hoping that your little ones have brought home the message.  I know many haven’t and will continue not to bring home any messages, so that’s one of the main reasons I have this blog; to communicate with you parents.

Please send a drawing book for your child by Monday next week.  As you would appreciate, many of their drawing books only have a few pages left.  I have also asked those children who have eaten their pe

ncils ( and I literally mean eaten) to bring another one to add to the stationery holder at school.  

N.B. The drawing book is the one with the blank pages for them to draw on; similar to an art pad or sketch pad.



Miss Foster

Open Wide



 Parents, the dentist from the Polyclinic visited the students of West Terrace Primary School today to examine their teeth.  

Those children whose teeth require attention were given a note to be taken by the parent to the dental clinic where they are required to schedule an appointment for the child.

Parents it is important that we look after our children’s teeth.  I notice a growing trend now where everyday children are bringing money to purchase a Ring Pop at snack time.  Now parents don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the children having their little pocket change to buy their choice of snack from the vendor at school. My problem is them eating the Ring Pops at snack time and then having those sugars linger in their mouth until after dinner-time because I assume that’s when they shower, brush their teeth and go to bed. I think the best time to have those sweet snack is on evenings, closer to the time when they brush their teeth.  So parents be wise when packing those lunch kits and remember that fruits and veggies make great snacks too.  We want our children to have a clean bill of health all around.

Munching on an apple,

Miss Foster


Celebrating Black History Month





Good Afternoon Parents,

It has been a long, hard day, but guess what…

Our flags are up!  Yes we have managed to collage some flags of Senegal and Mali and have them displayed in the classroom.

I know that some of you have been interacting with your children on the topic our African heritage, as this morning I received a lovely painting of a Senegalese flag from one of my students, Master Teigan ( as I affectionately refer to him).  Keep up the good work Miss Warner!  It warms my heart to know that some of my parents are on-board with me and are genuinely interested in their child’s education.

Talk to your child about their Art and Craft experience. Get them to tell you the colours of the flags they collaged and the symbols present.   Question them as to what they have learnt about Black History month.  You may be surprised just how much they know now.

Hoping to take some pictures tomorrow,

Miss Foster


We Must Do Better


“Hands and feet to self!”  “Hands and feet to self!”

Parents have you been chanting the mantra to your little ones?  I don’t thinks so.  There are still too many instances of physical aggression in our classroom.  I am still having to stop in the middle of lessons to address these issues and of course it takes away from valuable time spent teaching.

After lunch alone, I spend at least twenty minutes investigating issues that would have occurred on the playground and all of them have the same common thread running through them; physical aggression.

Parents we have to nip these behaviours in the bud.  We must keep chanting “Hands and feet to self!” I am depending on you to help me.

Today we discussed all of the marvellous things our hands can do.  Let’s reinforce these at home and I am sure that  our classroom will become a safer, more peaceful environment for our young ones.

Depending on each and every one of you,

Miss Foster

Everyone is Shouting “BINGO!!!”



Yes, it’s true parents.  Reception Foster has been playing BINGO on a consistent basis and we have been enjoying it. 

In an effort to get children familiar with their sight words, I have created some bingo cards.  Each card has six of the sight words that we have learnt so far on it.  Each child is given a card and six “covers”.  I then call the sight words in any random order and the child who is able to cover all of his or her words first shouts “BINGO!” 

Today I made cards with words we met previously from the “at” family and we immensely enjoyed our BINGO game.  Tomorrow we will play again, but this time we will be using BINGO cards with the number names, numerals and letters of the alphabet.  I know, those are a lot of cards to make but it is so worth the fun that we have playing the game. 

I know that you guys are probably envying us right now (especially the BINGO fans), but you shouldn’t.  You guys can do what I did and create the game cards and covers at home.  It’s easy and fun.  To ensure that you have a fair game what you can do is to make some flash cards with the words(or letters or numbers for that matter of a fact) and place them in a bag.  You can then allow your child to be the leader of the game and call the words pulled from the bag before covering his or her word.  

Did I hear you say “BINGO?”,

Miss Foster