Stomach Bug

NEW STOMACH “SUPERBUG”(from ABC News) “A new strain of norovirus that wreaks havoc on people’s stomachs is so vicious that it’s being called a ‘superbug’ by doctors…Because no one has immunity to this new strain, more Americans — perhaps 50 percent more, the CDC says — could become violently ill… the norovirus is far more contagious (than flu). Just 18 norovirus particles can make a person sick…To keep the norovirus away, medical experts suggest cleaning the house with bleach, not just regular detergents. They also say that while hand sanitizers kill the flu virus, they are not effective at getting rid of the norovirus. Medical experts suggest washing your hands with soap and water repeatedly to keep the norovirus off them.”

Washing hands is your best defense against colds and norovirus!

Trust me we don’t want our kids to get this right here.  My daughter is still recovering.  She ate her first meal today since Saturday.

Insist on frequent hand-washing this weekend.


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