Writing our Numbers

Good Morning fine Ladies and Gentlemen.

It’s way too early for me to be on here posting but it’s Friday and because today is Sports Day and there will be food on sale I have decided to forego my early morning routine in the kitchen, making sure that my family is nourished for the day (every Man Jack is breaking for himself today). I will however prepare breakfast in a short while, but before I get all carried away in the kitchen, I decided to log on to give you a little insight into the way I teach my students how to write their numbers.

I am sure that you might have heard them reciting these rhymes whenever they are given homework which involves writing their numbers. I wanted to share these rhymes with you so that you can join in with your little ones, or correct them when they are going wrong. I picked up these rhymes when I first started teaching and immediately realised that they were invaluable in getting children to remember the correct way the numbers are written.

Disclaimer: I picked up these rhymes from other teachers so they may not be exactly like the original, but they do the job.

So without further ado here are your rhymes:

NUMBER 1 ONENumber 1 stands straight and tall;

Stand him up, don’t let him fall.


Number 2 has a curly top

With a little platform, then stop!


Make two curls for number three,

One for you, and one for me!


Number four begins like one,

Then makes a cross as I have done.


A straight neck and a curl for five,

A cap on his head brings him alive!

Number 6 SIX

Number six has a sloping back,

Curl around, tuck his tail in safe and sound.


Number seven has a cap and a long straight back,

“He’s easy to write,” says Clever Jack.


That’s where we are right about now, at number seven, so I’ll stop there for today.

Happy writing,

Miss Foster


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