Week 3 in Review

Hi Parents,

We have just concluded week three and so far we are off to a great start where work is concerned.

Thus far we have covered the three letters (a letter per week) Tt, Mm, Ss. We have identified the sound of these letters and we have also looked at words which make the initial sound.

This subject area is commonly referred to as Writing. We have been diligently practising our left-to right progression and tracing dots to form letters, shapes and numbers.

In the first week of this term we reviewed the numbers one through five. We did this in a variety of ways; counting objects, reciting number rhymes and jingles, worksheets,exercises in the work-book. We looked at the shape of the numbers, how they are written, how the names of the numbers are written and spelt, the value of the number (how many objects make up the number). In the following weeks we worked on numbers six and seven.

We have read the three books “The Angry Mountain”, “A Mouse Mess”, “Sinbad the Sailor” and another one with a strange name which alludes me now. I think it is “Snick-Snack Sniffle Nose”.
You can question your children as to what they remember about these stories.

Here are some prompts that you can use to get them talking:

Who was the author?
What does the author do?
Who was the illustrator?
What does the illustrator do?
Who were the characters in the story?
What happened in the beginning of the story?
What happened in the middle of the story?
What happened at the end of the story?
Did the story have a happy ending?
How did the story make you feel?
What did you learn from the story?
Who was your favourite character?
Which story did you like the best?

Happy teaching,
Miss Foster


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