As a teacher I often have to enlist the help of my charges on a day-to day basis to ensure the smooth running of the classroom. I usually allow the students to play their part by assisting in any way that they can. To help make this process a smooth one, I choose a set of helpers each week and they are assigned to a particular task for the entire week. I rotate duties so that each person gets a chance to perform a certain task within a given term. I usually have the assigned duties as follows:

Soap helper for break time – This child shares the soap to their classmates for hand washing purposes before their snack break. This person is usually a female (no particular reason for this).

Soap helper for lunch time – I usually choose a boy to assist me with this task and this child performs the same duty which the female student performs at snack time.

Play dough helper – This individual is responsible for fetching the play dough from the cupboard, distributing the play dough, collecting it and returning it to its correct home after use.

Book helper – This child fetches all the workbooks from the cupboard and also collects and returns them to their correct place after use.

Pencil helper – This little one is responsible for distributing and collecting the pencils on a day-to-day basis.

Book-corner helper – This student makes sure that the book-corner is kept in an orderly fashion throughout the day.

Messenger – This person takes messages to administration for the teacher. This allows the teacher to stay in the classroom and supervise the children.

I will list the roster of helpers on a weekly basis.

Building worthwhile citizens,
Miss Foster


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