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Goodnight Ladies and Dennis,

LOL!  I believe that Dennis is the only male that has logged on here so far so I just wanted to give him a “shout-out”.  Hi Dennis!!

If there are other males enjoying the blog please make yourself known by leaving a comment below and I’ll be sure to “shout you out” too.

Here are some sites for you guys to enjoy with the little ones this weekend.

The read-aloud rhyming books on this site are great.  Be sure to check them out with your little one.

Dora, Diego, come on parents, we all know that the kids are going to love this one.

Who doesn’t like Elmo?  Come on !!!! La la la la, La la la la, Elmo’s World!

I am sure this is a popular site already as everyone loves learning with their favourite Sesame Street characters. 


Happy surfing,

Miss Foster



Stomach Bug

NEW STOMACH “SUPERBUG”(from ABC News) “A new strain of norovirus that wreaks havoc on people’s stomachs is so vicious that it’s being called a ‘superbug’ by doctors…Because no one has immunity to this new strain, more Americans — perhaps 50 percent more, the CDC says — could become violently ill… the norovirus is far more contagious (than flu). Just 18 norovirus particles can make a person sick…To keep the norovirus away, medical experts suggest cleaning the house with bleach, not just regular detergents. They also say that while hand sanitizers kill the flu virus, they are not effective at getting rid of the norovirus. Medical experts suggest washing your hands with soap and water repeatedly to keep the norovirus off them.”

Washing hands is your best defense against colds and norovirus!

Trust me we don’t want our kids to get this right here.  My daughter is still recovering.  She ate her first meal today since Saturday.

Insist on frequent hand-washing this weekend.

We Can Help

Hi Parents,

Here is the roster for week 5.

Soap Helper(Girl) – Jayla Alleyne-Sealy

Soap Helper ( Boy) – Joshua Strand

Pencil Helper – Laasya Satram

Play dough Helper – Mekhi Morris

Book Helper – Teigan Forde

Book Corner Helper – Rasharra Fredricks

Messenger – Destiny Barnett


Fostering responsibility,

Miss Foster


We Are Readers

Hi Parents,

I just wanted to give you a little update on how our reading is going so far.  I must say that most of the children are enthusiastic about learning new words and therefore we off and running with our reading programme.


So far the children have been introduced to the words:

a, boy, girl, man, big, I, see

Today I introduced the word “little”.

With these few words we have started reading sentences such as:

I see a boy.

I see a girl.

I see a man.

I see a big boy.

I see a big girl.

I see a big man.

I see a little boy.

I see a little girl.

I know that some of you may be wondering what’s up with all the “I see a”,  but let me assure you that the repetition is important to learning at this and at any stage.

Next week we will meet two new words.

and, you

With these two words our reading will take on a new spin. We will be reading sentences such as these:

I see a boy and a girl. 

 I see a boy and a man.

I see a girl and a man.

I see you.

You see a girl.

You see a boy.

You see a man.

I am excited!  As the weeks progress I will introduce two or three new words per week.  Some may think that’s too much but let me assure you that because of the repetition, two or three words per week are adequate.

So you may be asking what role you can play in helping your child to read.Well here are a few tips that will prove helpful.


1. Bristol board and markers have to become your new friend.  You will find it useful in making flashcards which you can put within the view of your child ( write each word in big, bold letters on the card so that your child can easily recognize them). The bedroom wall or door would prove perfect for displaying these words.  This way when you are dressing your child for school on mornings, you both can go through the words together.

2. Use the bristol board to make sentence strips.  These are made just like the flashcards but instead of one word per card, you cut a long strip and write sentences.  These sentences should be made from words which have already been introduced to the child.  Again place these within your child’s view.



3.  Encourage to child to recognize the words within his/ her environment.  So when you are driving around  or are just out and about point out the words on signs, billboards, etc.  Look for the words in storybooks, newspapers and magazine at home.

4.  Don’t forget to give rewards.  Effort is worth a lot more than perfection so reward your child’s effort. A high five, a hug, a kiss, a pat on the back, or just saying “Good job”, “Great work”, means a lot to them.

Happy reading,

Miss Foster






Yup my little one ( or should I say my big one) has been hit by a stomach bug.  I took her to the doctor for the second time today and the symptoms still persist.  I guess it will take some time for those to go away.  Well hopefully she takes her liquids as she should so that I can get back out to work tomorrow.  

Keep your little ones hands washed and sanitized at all times.  

Until life returns to some normalcy,

Miss Foster

Sports Day

Another Sport’s Day has passed.  This has been the first one our babies have experienced at West Terrace.  I can say for a fact that our little ones had an enjoyable day and are certainly looking forward to another Sport’s Day soon.  As soon as Mr. Greaves gets the school’s photos uploaded I will be posting some to the blog for all to enjoy.

Well it’s Friday so have a great weekend all and be safe in whatever you do.

Kisses for the little ones,

Miss Foster